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Mon, Dec. 29th, 2008, 09:47 pm
In need of advice on future mother in law...

Is it bad that I am already getting annoyed with my future mother in law?  It seems as though I can do no right.  I don't know if this is just my imagination but there have been numerous incidents where no one can do right by her.  For instance, today a glass of wine was spilled so she had to go take off her pants because they had wine on them while the rest of us cleaned it off the wood chairs and wood floor.  We had it cleaned up by the time she got downstairs and had soaked her pants but she pushed us out of the way and did it all over again even though we told her we had gone over the floor and chairs multiple times.  Instead of instructing you on how to do something or the location of something she gets up, pushes you out of the way and does it herself.  We really aren't stupid and can handle simple tasks like making pancakes or where the bowls are.
My special diet has been a bit difficult here despite the fact that I explicitly explained how I could not have vegetables, beans, or other things high in fiber.  Last night for dinner we had Brunswick stew with lima beans, corn, tomatoes and chicken along with a salad and rolls.  I picked out the chicken and had rolls for dinner.  Tonight she made a corn pudding with a roast and green beans.  She and Drew's father both looked at me weird when I picked around the corn and peppers in the corn pudding.  I tried to eat green beans because I know they were canned but I don't think they were cooked well enough so I am almost sure I will have problems.  She also told me that Chron's disease is not a result of fiber because her friend has Chron's and has mostly problems with dairy.  Then she had the nerve to tell me that the disease is caused by not having enough fiber as a child, as if I caused this disease!?  First of all they don't know what causes Chron's disease and secondly I don't voluntarily give up everything that I previously liked eating.  Why would anyone choose this?  Granted my case is not as bad as many but eating bad things still makes me bleed and hurt.  I get enough backtalk from Drew so I don't need his parents telling me I am fine and shouldn't worry about what they are feeding me.  I am really starting to resent his mother for doing this.
She doesn't listen to anyone, won't take advice from anyone, and asks a million questions during movies that are very dumb questions.
GRRRRRRR I hope planning a wedding will not be like this and she will stop criticizing me so much.
Tomorrow we will be going to Jason's house for a party and then staying there so that will be a big relief!

Sat, Oct. 4th, 2008, 08:04 pm

* Grab the nearest book.
* Open the book to page 56.
* Find the fifth sentence.
* Post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions if you want to.
* Don't dig for your favorite book, the cool book, or the intellectual one: pick the CLOSEST.

"A more rigorous approach includes a transmission coefficient, [kappa], which is a multiplication factor equal to the fraction of the transition state that proceeds to products."

Structure and Mechanism in Protein Science, Alan Fersht

Not a very remarkable sentence but this is the shit I have to read.  This was the last sentence on the page because pretty much everything else on the page is an equation.  Oh and by the way I don't understand this sentence so don't go thinking I am a genius.

Mon, Sep. 1st, 2008, 10:28 pm
The dreaded October 14th...

From now until October 14th I will be completely out of touch with the world. I'm sorry if I didn't have a chance to talk to you before then and I will try to respond to emails during my lunch break but otherwise I will be holed up in my office. I am studying for the comprehensive exam so I can hopefully pass and move on to the next stage in my graduate career as part one of two for PhD candidacy.
I have a take-home written exam for the first part of my PhD comprehensive exam and then the oral part in the spring/early summer.
I will let you all know how it goes, so until then au revoir!

Mon, Aug. 18th, 2008, 11:28 am
The meeting

My parents and brother are coming down to visit on Wednesday so I have been trying to get the apartment ready since they will be staying with us. I find that every time I go to put something away I end up reorganizing the closets so more stuff will fit in them. I think it is time to get rid of some clothes and other stuff so we don't have as much crammed in them.
On Friday Drew's parents will be coming down to visit and meet my parents and my brother. Little bit stressed and nervous about that. They have already met Drew's Dad but not his Mom and my brother will be here to witness it all. Should be a good time.
So tonight the cleaning will continue along with the other errands required before they come and classes start (also on Wednesday). Just sheer craziness.

Wed, Aug. 13th, 2008, 05:15 pm
much relief but then a bit scared

So Monday I sent out an email to the devil professor (the one that I still had to finish correcting exams for his class last fall) telling him that I was done with my exams and ready to show him that I had learned enough to pass his stupid class. He responded that I had taken too long and would have to retake the class because it was too close to the new semester. I was very upset because I had spent a lot of time re-reading material and studying for this to present to him some time over the summer. I talked to his secretary again (she pretty much controls his life because he is very absent minded) and she said she would talk him into at least giving me a chance to prove myself. He agreed to 15 minutes today and although it took more than 15 minutes of some incorrect statements and talking about my newest medical debacle he agreed that I at least learned as much as the average person in his class so he passed me!!!
Talking to him about my medical issue he said that he had a friend with the same disease that refused to change his diet, went on steroids to treat it (one of the options for me as well), and actually died from it. That frightened me a little because I didn't know you could die from this disease but I guess if you don't catch it early enough on it is very possible. Now I guess I should be more diligent about watching what I eat (although I thought I was being pretty good before).
At least my stress level will go down for a while and I think that will be the biggest aid to my healing.

Mon, Aug. 4th, 2008, 11:34 am
another fun thing to pass the time

This game is very addictive and pretty easy (oh and there is an end goal and the game comes to an end so it isn't a horrible game to get addicted to):

Thu, Jul. 31st, 2008, 05:18 pm

Anyone else excited that there is a trailer out for the 6th Harry Potter movie? (In case you missed it here it is: http://www.imdb.com/video/imdb/vi215810329/)
I really enjoyed Dark Knight like so many other people and I am hoping to see the new X-Files movie soon. I also have to see Step Brothers and the new Mummy movie that comes out tomorrow. So many great movies and so little time!
Drew has started classes now and they take up his weekends for a few weeks and then he will settle into his schedule so it is difficult to find time for us to do anything together let alone go see a movie. We did get to go for a bike ride last night and it reminded me so much of biking in Albion because less than a mile off the main road there are pretty much just cornfields.
Ok time to get back to work so I can relax a bit tonight and take a break before I start classes again!

Mon, Jul. 21st, 2008, 08:13 pm

*****8 years ago today: July 21, 2000*****

1) How old were you?

2) Where did you go to school?
Bloomfield Hills Lahser High School

3) Where did you work?
Lifeguarding at Oakhurst Country Club

4) Where did you live?
Bloomfield Hills, MI

5) Where did you hang out?
the pool, Katy's house, other friends' houses

6) Did you wear contacts?

7) Who was your best friend?

8)How many tattoos did you have?

9) How many piercings did you have?

10) Did you drive a car?
teal Dodge Neon with a nodding Taco Bell dog

11) Had you been to a real party?
NYE party with fake champagne count?

12) Had you had your heart broken?
I thought so at the time but no

13) Were you Single/Taken/Married/Divorce?
definitely single

14) Any Kids?
definitely no

***4 years ago July 21, 2004

1) How old were you?

2) Where did you go to school?
Albion College

3) Where did you work?
Summer Intern at Flint Ink where I synthesized yellow pigments and got really dirty

4) Where did you live?
Albion: I-house and then the Mae, otherwise with Mom and Dad

5) Did you wear glasses?
just for reading

7) Who was your best friend?

8) How many tattoos did you have?
still none

9) How many piercings?

10) What car did you drive?
I got my new car that spring: Saturn Ion

11) Had your heart broken?
yeah, the guys at Albion were not very nice

12) Were you Single/Taken?
still single

13) Any Kids?

*****Today: July 21, 2008*****

1) How old are you?

2) What do you do?
still in school (ewww): Grad student at UNC

3) Where do you live?
Durham, NC

4) Do you wear glasses?
still just for reading

5) Who is your closest friend?

6) Do you talk to your old friends?
Not as much as I would like

7) How many piercings do you have?
5 is quite enough for me

8) How many tattoos?
none now or in the future

9) What kind of car do you have?
still my trusty Saturn Ion (and it is paid off now :)

10) Has your heart been broken?
who cares now?

11) Single/taken/married/divorced?
very happy with Drew

12) Any Children?
Haha, not for a while, hopefully

Thu, Jun. 26th, 2008, 05:22 pm
Tired of being sick...

Ok this has gone on long enough. I am tired of feeling like shit because my stupid body is fighting itself. Why can't everything get along inside me? I'm hoping the specialist tomorrow can solve all of my problems (or maybe even tell me I need to take it easy for a little while because that might make Barry go away too). Trust me, you don't want to know what's wrong because it is really gross. Just think of something gross that won't kill me and that's what I have.
Boo hiss...

Tue, Jun. 17th, 2008, 12:40 am

My Dad called me this evening with some sad news. My real Grandfather (my Mom's real father) was put in intensive care today and they decided to pull him off the respirator tonight so he probably won't make it through the night. I am torn because I am his biological descendant but I don't think my Mom has quite forgiven him for walking out on his family over fifty years ago.
I met Grandpa Kemler for the first time in my adult memory a week ago because my aunt had been pushing my Mom and I decided it was time for me also. "He has always been a small man, but he is anemic right now and probably has cancer," came the warning before we walked in to meet him. When we walked into the smoke ridden house only 30 minutes away from ours I could not believe I was at all related to this man or this family. I had seen pictures of him no older than I am now and that is how I recognized his striking blue eyes but the years had worn at him hard. My Mom brought pictures of me and my brother and there was much small talk. I guess I never thought the meeting would come to fruition. I met my Mom's cousin/stepmother along with uncles I didn't know I have and even a first cousin. Very different, and yet still family. Grandpa was very frail and mostly listened but every once in a while I could see him glance my way and smile slightly. He said that he was a mere 96 pounds and no taller than I, and he thinks they (the Doctors) snuck some chemo in with his treatment. There it was; cancer. He will have died from the disease that could have been prevented, lung cancer. It is cruelly ironic that he and my grandmother were both taken by something only a few inches long that when multiplied over the years results, almost indefinitely, in death.
So I am torn whether to follow in my mother's slight of the family because he never came to family events or to move past that and continue to push my parents to visit these relatives. Even though this family is so different from the family I once knew, they welcomed us into their home and seemed genuinely interested in the unchosen bond of biology. It is cruel that the first time I met Grandpa as an adult was also the last but it also brought me to a door where I can push it open or shut it forever.

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